Elgin & Hall Pryzm
The wall mounted Pryzm is a contemporary delight to behold. Easy fix wall brackets support your fireplace to deliver the visual illusion of levitation.  Underscored with a dramatic floating Anthracite hearth, the Pryzm takes fireplace design to a whole new level, quite literally.

The dramatic presence of the Impero cannot be ignored.  Luxurious micro marble anchors this floor standing masterpiece giving it powerful form. Hand finished to perfection,  the flawless surface has sculptural like qualities encouraging you to reach out to appreciate the smooth lines and angular architecture before you.
The British built steel Broseley Hereford 5 with cast door is the perfect addition to any modern or contemporary room. It comes with an optional spigot for attaching a dummy flue pipe if you so wish. The coal bed arrangement and distinguished flame pattern creates a truly magnificent display.
The difference you notice with this cast iron stove is the centre-opening double doors with a traditional pattern. You can run the Lincoln with them either closed or open for a change. You can also change the arrangement of the logs and coals. The Broseley Lincoln is slimline to the extent of being only 275mm deep so it suits standard sized hearths and fireplaces.