Wood burner

The 16i and the 18i may be the smallest of the Jetmaster inset models, but they’re the most efficient stoves in the range to date, each boasting an outstanding 85% efficiency. Perfect for new builds, they utilise space effectively with their compact designs, whilst still allowing rich flame pictures thanks to their distinctively large windows. Both the 16i and 18i burn wood and multifuel beautifully, and are DEFRA approved for use in Smoke Control areas, which means you can keep warm whilst being environmentally friendly.

The 70i has the largest window of the Jetmaster inset stoves, which maximises the view of your fire and creates a mesmerising focal point. Our powerful airwash system maintains this stunning flame picture, helping to wow any visitors in your home. Add to this a wide fuel bed and truly roaring heat, and you have a stove that’s perfect for heating large or open-plan rooms.
The Westfire Uniq 32 Wood Burning Inset Stove is a showpiece stove with a widescreen landscape front. The large cleanburn chamber gives excellent results for such a large stove. With a moderate output of up to 5.9kW, the Westfire Uniq 32 woodburner is ideal for medium sized rooms.

The Di Lusso R6 really is the king of stoves, thanks to its effortless contemporary styling and innovative, next-generation technology. Its sleek lines and smooth finish will set off any room, creating a stunning focal point that will wow friends and family alike.